Pay attention when you do renovation bathroom

Whether you choose to work alone or hire a contractor, there are a few aspects that require maximum of attention in a bathroom renovation project:

1. The demolition process. It is important to know that safety comes first and there are a few renovation projects that ask for professional assistance. In order to ensure a safe demolition and to avoid unwanted accidents, the best you can do is let a professional take over for you.

2. Waterproofing the bathroom. Keep in mind that even a small imperfection or a missed spot in the waterproof seal membrane can cause significant damage in time. So why not let a professional do it right from the beginning and avoid additional repairs in time.


3. Working with the electrical system. Working with electricity requires knowledge and maximum of attention. There are professionals specially trained for this aspect of a home renovation, so make sure you work with one too.

Did you know: keeping the existing electrical location can save you thousands of dollars.

4. Avoid buying cheap materials. On the short term buying cheap tiles sounds like a great deal, but on the long term it could turn out to be more expensive than you expected. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

5. Buy floor tiles suitable for the bathroom. The rule says you have to buy non-slippery tiles for the bathroom, and so you should do. But have in mind this: bathroom tiles are totally different from outdoor tiles. Sure, outdoor tiles will do a great job on the non-slippery part but it will be a nightmare to clean them, as the dirt will get caught in the sand-like finish.


Key Takeaway

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your house, so every once in awhile it deserves special attention.

Tilestone Performance we understand that every part of your house is important, and our goal is to reach your expectations. we are here to listen to your ideas and help you create the perfect design for your bathroom. Then our talented tilers will make sure that your renovation project is completed on time.

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